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The Cessna Homestead

The story of the farmstead that was home to Kansas aviation pioneer Clyde Cessna and foundational to his success and development as an inventor both in the air and on the ground. For the whole story, you can visit the Cessna Homestead Exhibit.

Cessna pic

Below is a collection of various items from the Cessna project

Cessna Roots No. 2


Clyde Cessna is shown cranking the Cessna Roots No. 2. This plane was completed in the fall of 1927.

Cessna, The Comet, and J. J. Motor Co.


Cessna stands in front of his 1917 plane, The Comet, and the J. J. Motor Co. factory which it was built.

Drawing of Clyde Cessna flying Silverwings over the family farm


Drawing of Clyde Cessna flying Silverwings over the family farm on the Cessna Christmas card

Five Dollars Reward


Clyde Cessna, when performing his flyovers, would sometimes drop a football out of his plane, giving whoever caught it a cash prize

Kingman Youth Flies To Market And To Fairs


Clyde Cessna was a farmer. While he tinkered on his air crafts and performed his flyovers he was always operating his Rago Farm. Cessna flew his…

Race Pilot Roy Liggett with the CR2, "Miss Wanda"


Race piolet Roy Liggett stands with the CR2, "Miss Wanda". Liggett was flying this plane when it malfunctioned mid-flight, killing him in the crash



Clyde Cessna takes off in Silverwings

The Comet and Flight School


In 1917 Clyde Cessna preformed flyovers with the fastest of his early planes the comet, which set a speed record of 124 mph. Cessna also opened the…

The Farm House


This is a picture of Clyde Cessna's farmhouse. The house was moved onto the property in the mid-1910s and provided living space for him and his…

The Machine Shop


This small shed is affectionately called the Machine Shop. It was here that Clyde Cessna, his wife, and his children lived from 1912-1914 until a…

The Strike Can't Stop C. Cessna


Throughout his exhibition career during the infancy of aeronautics, Clyde Cessna's flyovers were a spectacle. Hundreds of people would gather to see…

Wichita's Big Convention


Full page from the Wichita Beacon over the Thresherman's convention, adds for threshers, and adds for Reo cars.