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El Quartelejo Pueblo Ruins, Scott County, Kansas
In this paper, the author discusses the El Quartelejo Pueblo ruins located in present-day Scott County, Kansas. The Taos and the Picuris Indians who came from what is today northwestern New Mexico fled their homelands due to their Spanish overlords…

St. Joseph's, Cloud County
It is a sunny Saturday afternoon in Cloud County, Kansas, when the peace of the rolling tallgrass prairie is broken by cries of “Au feu! Au feu!” The French Presbyterian Church just south of St. Joseph’s was ablaze under mysterious circumstances.

Bourassa's Mill, Wabaunsee County
Author uses historic documents, genealogical inquiry, and filed work to document the community of Bourassa's Mill. This was not a traditional town but was an important stopping place for travelers on the Oregon Trail. It also supplies the surrounding…

Hochfeld, Marion County
The village of Hochfeld, located in the Menno Township of Marion County, Kansas, was settled in 1874 by German Mennonites on land purchased from the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railroad Company. Attracted by military exemption laws and new…

Lillis, Blaine, and Holy Cross, Marshall and Pottawatomie Counties
This study of an Irish settlement area that included parts of two counties is based on fieldwork, photographs, original church sources, and an investigation of cultural traditions.

Prairie Band Potawatomi Indians in Mayetta - Jackson County
This study of persistence factors on an Indian reservation in Northeast Kansas includes interviews from Prairie Band Potawatomi Tribal Council member Carrie L. O’Toole (Wabaunsee), Prairie Band tribal member Laveda L.T. Wahweotten, and Dr. Eric…

Exploring the Conditions That Have Led to a Rise in Mexican Immigration and Entrepreneurship in Liberal, KS
This paper seeks to explore the socioeconomic conditions among Mexican immigrants and emphasize the factors that have bred the rise of immigrant entrepreneurship—despite the political and economic systems being against their favor. It will do so via…

Tracking Success of African American Landowners in Wabaunsee County, Kansas, Circa 1900: A Case Study of African American Farmers at the Turn of the Century
This paper explores the history of the Kansas Fever Exodus of 1879 and profiles four African American farmers in Wabaunsee County: Franklin Glass, Daniel Swagerty, W. B. Officer, and George Rodman. Contrary to the common historical narrative, many…

Perpetual Persistence: The African American Community of Manhattan Bottoms, 1880-1920
Using the case study of Jeremiah "Jerry" Mitchell, this study documents the early history of Manhattan Bottoms and the African American community located there.

Memorializing Martin: The Living Dream of Martin Luther King Jr. in Junction City, Kansas
The legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. is immortalized in Junction City, Kansas, by the grassroots efforts of both individuals and the community, in an annual celebration, marches, and a memorial park. This study was made possible using sources from…
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