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Rago, Kingman County

Rago, KS is the home of aviation pioneer, Clyde Cessna. Though the home of someone who was so important to the history of air travel, the town now sits in a state of dilapidation and decay. This essay discusses the history of Rago, and the events…

Rock, Cowley County

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Rock is a small town situated southeast of Wichita between Augusta and Winfield. Established in 1869, Rock's population increased rapidly before peaking in 1887. In its heyday, the town boasted multiple shops, restaurants, and other businesses. This…

Sylvia, Reno County

Sylvia Roller Mill, 1903.jpg
This study describes the once burgeoning town of Sylvia in Reno County, Kansas. Propelled by local agriculture and a railroad line laid by the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Company, Sylvia saw impressive growth during the latter half of the 19th…

Moonlight, Dickinson County

Moonlight - Caldwell.jpg
Moonlight, located in Hayes Township, Dickinson County, Kansas, was founded by members of the Brethren in Christ Church migrating from Pennsylvania. It thrived temporarily, for about forty years, but dried up as business moved to larger towns and…

Minersville, Cloud County

Minersville, Cloud County.jpg
This study examines the town of Minersville in Sibley Township, Cloud County, Kansas. It lasted from 1870 to 1945. I used maps, newspaper articles and fieldwork.

Kincaid, Anderson County

Kincaid, Anderson County.jpg
Kincaid, in Rich Township, Anderson County, Kansas had less than 200 people as of the 2010 U.S. Census. Once a year this number does a 100-fold increase because of the town’s annual “World’s Fair.”

Eureka Lake, Riley County

Eureka Lake, Riley County.jpg
This paper examines the history of Eureka Lake, a short lived resort southwest of Manhattan, Kansas.

Elsmore, Allen County

Elsinore, Allen County.jpg
This paper shares the history and stories of those in the town of Elsmore, in Elsinore Township, Allen County, Kansas. The town was founded in 1866, and is still occupied today. In this paper, I used newspapers, field work, census data and Kansas…

Waco, Sedgwick County

Waco, Sedgwick County.jpg
This study examines the town of Waco, in Salem Township, Sedgwick County, Kansas. It was classified as a town between the dates of 1870 and 1905, but it continues to survive as a community to this day. The town declined due to restricted access to…

Toronto, Woodson, County

Toronto, Woodson County.jpg
This study examines the town of Toronto, in Toronto Township, Woodson County, Kansas. The town was founded in 1869, and because of its location, it was at a disadvantage in terms of growth when compared to towns surrounding it. The town’s population…