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  • Collection: Lost Kansas Communities

Haddam, Washington County
Haddam is a little Kansas town ten miles from the Nebraska border that has managed to survive through a slew of fires and other tragedies throughout the years. Flour factories, honey business, and a once thriving auto dealership have all stuck their…

Kickapoo, Leavenworth County
This essay discusses the founding of the Town of Kickapoo, Kickapoo Township, and examines Kickapoo’s battle with Leavenworth and Delaware for the county seat of Leavenworth County. It details how the loss of this competition caused the slow but…

Toronto, Woodson, County

Toronto, Woodson County.jpg
This study examines the town of Toronto, in Toronto Township, Woodson County, Kansas. The town was founded in 1869, and because of its location, it was at a disadvantage in terms of growth when compared to towns surrounding it. The town’s population…

Five Creeks, Clay County
By definition, a township is a geographic division of six square miles that acts as a subdivision of a county. A township does not actually have to include a town to qualify as a township. Thus Five Creeks, located in Clay County, Kansas, is known to…

Hector, Johnson County

This study focuses on a Post Office community and what defines a community. It focuses on Hector, Johnson County, Kansas from 1856- 1900. The author used newspapers, atlases and plat maps, site work, biographies, and historic photograph…

Mariadahl, Pottawatomie County

Mariadahl Lutheran Church Steeple
Mariadahl, named after the Swedish founder's mother, meaning "Valley of Mary" grew on the cornerstone of the Swedish Lutheran church that called parishers to worship every Sunday by the sound of its beautiful bell.

Denison, Jackson County

This is a history of Denison, Kansas. Located in Garfield and Cedar Townships in Jackson County, between the dates of 1887 and 2016, this story is a topical examination of the churches through the use of photographs, newspapers, and historical…

Island, Neosho County

While it may be unrecorded, Island, Lincoln Township, Neosho County, Kansas, is still talked about today. This study discusses the factors that played a role in the collapse of Island, mostly due to its location and geography. I used county…

Hillside, Clay County
In 1868, Hillside Schoolhouse was built to withstand time. It had thick, limestone walls and was built on a hill, hence the name. Most Hillside students came from farm families, and were mainly of English descent.