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Project Prairieview: COVID-19 Education Support and Immigrant Youth Integration in Rural America

"Seeking to better understand the integration of first-through second-generation Latino adolescents in rural America, my study examines education support for immigrant youth in rural America during the already arduous times of Covid-19 in order to…

The Chinese Laundries of Wichita, Kansas:
A Portrait of an Immigrant Community on the Western Frontier, 1880-1905

Chinese Laundry.jpg
The author uses historic newspaper reports, census records, city directories, and historic advertising to recreate the Chinese community found in Wichita, Kansas around the turn of the century.

African American Landowners: Clay County, Kansas, 1880-1910

African-American Landowners.jpg
This paper explores the agricultural history of Clay County, Kansas, and the African American workers who persevered during the time. Sources used were newspaper articles, the class reader, websites, and a book about Broughton, Kansas.

Kansas State University; From Black Athlete to Black Student Union

Black Student Union.jpg
This paper explores the history of Kansas State University's Black Student Union, which was founded in 1968 by black K-State athletes as a site of solidarity in a time of social upheaval and racial progress. The author analyzes the founding of the…

Memorializing Martin: The Living Dream of Martin Luther King Jr. in Junction City, Kansas

Memorializing Martin.jpg
The legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. is immortalized in Junction City, Kansas, by the grassroots efforts of both individuals and the community, in an annual celebration, marches, and a memorial park. This study was made possible using sources from…

Perpetual Persistence: The African American Community of Manhattan Bottoms, 1880-1920

Perpetual Persistence.jpg
Using the case study of Jeremiah "Jerry" Mitchell, this study documents the early history of Manhattan Bottoms and the African American community located there.

Exploring the Conditions That Have Led to a Rise in Mexican Immigration and Entrepreneurship in Liberal, KS

Ruiz_Immigrant History Photos.pdf
This paper seeks to explore the socioeconomic conditions among Mexican immigrants and emphasize the factors that have bred the rise of immigrant entrepreneurship—despite the political and economic systems being against their favor. It will do so via…