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The Comet and Flight School
In 1917 Clyde Cessna preformed flyovers with the fastest of his early planes the comet, which set a speed record of 124 mph. Cessna also opened the first flight school in the state of Kansas, operating out of Wichita.


Five Dollars Reward
Clyde Cessna, when performing his flyovers, would sometimes drop a football out of his plane, giving whoever caught it a cash prize


Soldier of the Republic: The Civil War Years of W.H.H. McCall
This essay examines the military career of William Henry Harrison McCall, a typical Union officer in the American Civil War. Once the conflict ended, McCall participated in one of the most famous engagements with hostile Indian warriors in American…

The People’s Game: Uncovering Diversity in Baseball, Pottawatomie County and Humboldt, Kansas, 1911-1924
This is a study of baseball in the early twentieth century and the diversity within town teams in Kansas. Research reveals that several Kansas towns housed African-American and women’s teams. This paper is based on fieldwork, journals, books, and…

Bootleggers Beware! The Untold Story of Ordinances and Their Effect on Bootleggers and Local Law Enforcement in Kansas from 1915-1925
This project analyzes the role of local Kansas ordinances in enforcing larger, national laws; it also makes connections between ordinances and community values, showing that different geographic regions in the state had different levels of ordinance…

What We See and Why We Stay: Place Studies Through Windshield Surveys of Scott County, Kansas
The western plains of Kansas sweep from one end of the horizon to another seemingly without ending. They are broken only by the sharp asphalt of highways cutting through fields and pastures which connect the numerous small towns that dot the…

Publicity Stunt: The Importance of Seymour Rogers and Free Water in the Creation and Survival of Liberal, Kansas, 1885-1888
A study connecting the story of where the name of Liberal, Kansas came from to the factors that impacted town survival in Seward County during the late 1880’s and early 1890’s. Seymour Rogers, the figure who is credited with inspiring the name of…