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Severance, Doniphan County

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This is an economic analysis of the decline of Severance, Kansas, by a KSU economics major. The author has used census data, newspaper articles and advertisements, and comparative investigations of surrounding towns to develop his ideas.

Geary City, Doniphan County
This project is over the river town of Geary City located in the Wayne Township of Doniphan County, Kansas. Geary City ultimately lost out because of a transportation issue resulting in the Palermo Railroad never being completed. Methods for the…

Doniphan and Grand Village des Canzas, Doniphan County
This is a study concerning the disappearance of the Kansas Indian village of the “Grand Village des Canzes” and the destruction of the town of Doniphan. It is theorized that these two civilizations were created at the same site due to the location by…