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Volland, Wabaunsee County
Volland was a town that almost met its end when the railroad it heavily depended on for commerce and revenue became obsolete due to new technology. Against all odds, however, the town would survive and experience a rebirth. This study incorporates…

Magic, Riley County
The lost community of Magic, located in Riley County, Kansas, was settled by immigrants from Germany in a process of chain migration. The community’s population steadily began to decline in the 1930s and was eventually consumed by the expansion of…

St. Mary’s Aleppo, Sedgwick County
This study overviews the German-Catholic hamlet of St. Mary’s Aleppo, a church community located in western Sedgwick County, Garden Plain Township. Maps, photographs and personal accounts are included.

Tipton, Mitchell County
William A. Pitt and fellow settlers from Trier, Germany, first settled near Carr Creek, but flooding encouraged them to relocate to the top of a nearby hill. They called their settlement Pittsburg and, later, Tipton.

Dogtrot-Galatia, Barton County
Galatia—originally Dogtrot—provided a center-place town for many dispensed people in Barton County. Some former residents still recall the bustling streets of this prairie community. In preserving its history, we also preserve the history of Kansas…