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Faith in Transformation: Eskridge Covenanter Church and the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America, Eskridge, Kansas, 1884-1964
This is an exploration of the Covenanter Church in Eskridge, Wilmington Township, Wabaunsee County. The Eskridge Covenanter Church belongs to the Reformed Presbyterian Church, which was from the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Scotland. This study of…

Slender Rails, Big Risk: The Kansas Central Railway, 1871-1935.
This study examines the role of the Kansas Central Railway in promoting small towns in northeast Kansas. Although ultimately failing in its charter, the KCR was critically important for tiny settlements. Research is based on legal sources, railway…

Jarbalo, Leavenworth County

This is a study of Jarbalo in Alexandria Township, Leavenworth County.
While never officially incorporated, it is a community with a curious history that survives even now.
This exhibit uses field work, photographs, interviews, written histories,…