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Murdock, Kingman County
Murdock, Kansas, started out as New Murdock in 1884 and underwent a name change in 1910. Today Murdock is a quiet community of about 375 residents.

Rago, Kingman County

Rago, KS is the home of aviation pioneer, Clyde Cessna. Though the home of someone who was so important to the history of air travel, the town now sits in a state of dilapidation and decay. This essay discusses the history of Rago, and the events…

Waterloo, Kingman County

Waterloo, Kingman County.jpg
Following is a brief but engaging history of the community of Waterloo, Kansas in Galesburg Township of Kingman County and its arboretum that still persists today. This study uses photographs, newspaper articles, maps, and written histories.