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Minersville, Cloud County

Minersville, Cloud County.jpg
This study examines the town of Minersville in Sibley Township, Cloud County, Kansas. It lasted from 1870 to 1945. I used maps, newspaper articles and fieldwork.

Haworth, Republic County
The lost town of Haworth, located in Republic County, Kansas, was built and settled along an existing railway. Many of the inhabitants including the Haworth family were from the Midwest travelling west in search of better opportunities. This study…

Ida, Republic County
The town of Ida, once located in Republic County, Kansas, was created to meet the needs of a growing population in Rose Creek Township. As time progressed and the railroads entered the scene, specifically the Chicago Rock Island, the needs of the…

White Rock Township and White Rock City, Republic County

Early Republic County Map
The White Rock Valley in Republic County saw Indian violence from both the Cheyenne and the Pawnee. This essay traces the founding of the town of White Rock City and its decline during the railroad years. The vital early years of the town are…