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Niles, Ottawa County
The tiny town of Niles, originally Arcala then Nilesville, located in the Lincoln Township of Ottawa County, Kansas was first settled by families traveling in fifteen covered wagons from Illinois. They arrived in 1866 and although not as strong as it…

Webster, Rooks County
Webster was a failed railroad town that, despite its unity and perseverance, was sacrificed to the creation of Webster Reservoir. This case study includes photographs, maps, and interviews from Mrs. Jean Lindsey, local historian, and Mrs. Patty…

Solomon Rapids, Mitchell County
In this paper you will see how twin town rivalry can lead to the death of a town. This will be done using the case study of Solomon Rapids located in Mitchell County Kansas. This study includes recent photographs of the Solomon Rapids town site.

Morland, Graham County
Morland was first known as Fremont, it was named after General John C. Fremont who was the noted explorer.
The people of Morland fought hard for their survival and in the end it paid off. Just the thought that a railroad could be coming gave people…