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Manning, Scott County.jpg
This is a paper about Manning, Kansas. Manning is located in Keystone Township in Scott County, Kansas. It existed from 1887 to 1955. The Manning Jayhawkers 4-H Club served as a factor of persistence in Manning. It now serves as Manning’s primary…

Chinese Laundry.jpg
The author uses historic newspaper reports, census records, city directories, and historic advertising to recreate the Chinese community found in Wichita, Kansas around the turn of the century.

African-American Landowners.jpg
This paper explores the agricultural history of Clay County, Kansas, and the African American workers who persevered during the time. Sources used were newspaper articles, the class reader, websites, and a book about Broughton, Kansas.

Black Student Union.jpg
This paper explores the history of Kansas State University's Black Student Union, which was founded in 1968 by black K-State athletes as a site of solidarity in a time of social upheaval and racial progress. The author analyzes the founding of the…

Memorializing Martin.jpg
The legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. is immortalized in Junction City, Kansas, by the grassroots efforts of both individuals and the community, in an annual celebration, marches, and a memorial park. This study was made possible using sources from…

Severance, Doniphan County.jpg
This is an economic analysis of the decline of Severance, Kansas, by a KSU economics major. The author has used census data, newspaper articles and advertisements, and comparative investigations of surrounding towns to develop his ideas.

Tuscarora Lake, Johnson County.jpg
It is not exactly clear what became of the forgotten settlement known as Tuscarora Lake; however, clues from the town’s past can be examined to better expose the reality behind Tuscarora Lake’s demise. The ending of Tuscarora Lake was directly linked…

Twin Mound, Douglas County.jpg
This is a brief history of Twin Mound in Douglas County, Kansas. It focuses on the life and near misses of the community from 1857 to the post office closing in 1903. This history utilizes newspaper articles, plat maps, and site research and…
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